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Mercato Day site offers you a live broadcast of the game “Chelsea and Norwich City” among the most important games today, Tuesday 14 July 2020 at the opening of the 36th round matches, in the English Premier League.

The “Chelsea and Norwich City” match will be broadcast on BN Sports 2, with the voice of the Algerian commentator Hafeez Draghi, as well as on BN Sports 1, and Sky Sport Ono, Italy.

The match kicks off at 19:15 GMT, 21:15 Egypt time, 22:15 Saudi time, at Chelsea Stamford Bridge.

“Chelsea” is ranked third in the table with 60 points, and will strive to win in order to continue to maintain the position qualified for the Champions League, as it faces fierce competition from “Leicester City and Manchester United” where the first occupies fourth place with 59 points, and with the same The number of points is second, fifth.

On the other hand, “Norwich City”, which officially fell to the first division “Championship”, will seek to leave a good impact for the fans of Manchester United and Leicester City by disrupting the “Chelsea” team, whether by drawing or winning against him.

The last confrontation between “Chelsea and Norwich City” in the Premier League ended with the victory of the Blues by 3 goals to two goals, in the match that was held at the “Carrow Road” stadium on August 24, 2019.

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Chelsea 0-0 Norwich City

Stamford Bridge (London)

English Premier League (36th Round)

โŒšNow underway – first half

Live broadcast written “moment to moment”

  • Hello and welcome to this live broadcast of the Chelsea and Norwich City match at the opening of the 36th round of the English Premier League.
  • The events of the match will transmit to you, moment by moment, โ€œMohab Zayedโ€ from the Mercato Day live broadcasting center.
  • We ask you to update this page every minute to get the details of the match up-to-date.
  • “Frank Lampard” made 5 adjustments to the squad that started the last Sheffield United match, which he lost by three clean.
  • ๐Ÿ”ตChelsea squad: Kiba Arezabalaga – Cesar Azbelquita – Antonio Rudiger – Kurt Zuma – Marcos Alonso – Lofts Chic – Georginho – Matteo Kovacic – Willian Borges – Olivier Giroud – Christian Polisic.
  • ๐ŸŸกNorwich City Collection: Tim Kroll – Max Aarons – Ben Godfrey – Tim Claus – Loris – Alexander Tettier – O’Neill Hernandez – Kenny McLean – Lucas Robb – Todd Cantwell – Josep Darmic.
  • โ€œ1๐ŸŸข The beginning of the first half ..
  • 5 The first five minutes passed, with clear control from Chelsea, but without any shots at Tim Kroll.
  • 10 The Blues are still trying to threaten Norwich’s goal, but their defense is organized as it should be.
  • โ€œThe 12th new Moroccan international Chelsea player, Hakim Ziash, is present in the stadiums of the match.
  • 18 Norwich City is now trying to get out of the way to threaten Chelsea’s goal.
  • โ€œ19 Jiro misses an easy opportunity to score .. Gorginho’s pass is brilliantly received and tried to hit the ball on the bird but failed to implement it accurately to reach easy in the hand of Tim Kroll.
  • “23 minutes rest for” Cooling Break “players ..
  • “26 The first real opportunity for Chelsea … Marcus Alonso sends a cross cross for Policic, who shoved it strongly into the outside net of Tim Kroll!
  • 29 Olivier Giroud misses another opportunity to score in a strange way, he shot the ball with his right foot in his left foot, to go out into a goal.
  • 34 Oooooooo..a ball, not the coolest of Azbelquita, who met cross and Willian from the corner on the nearby corner and turned his head to the far corner, but Cech failed to put it in the goal.
  • “The 36 most dangerous opportunity in the game so far … Christian Pulisic tames the ball in the right and pays the left strong player from inside the penalty area, but Tim Kroll takes it wonderfully to the corner.
  • 38 Alonso slashes a ball very badly out of the penalty area, but the referee indicates a corner kick is taken after I touch the feet of the Norwich defender.
  • โ€œ42 as of this moment Chelsea’s current is an extension of Chelsea’s Sheffield United match! Too bad performance, the team is unable to find solutions.
  • โ€œ45 match rule adds 3 minutes as a standby time.

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