Light Radio The headlines of local newspapers published in Beirut today, Monday 20 July 2020


The following are the headlines of local newspapers published in Beirut today, Monday 20 July 2020

An-Nahar newspaper
Corona Lebanon: The counter speeds up, the danger grows
Financial confrontation: Lazar and Kroll return
Erdogan in “Hagia Sophia” … anticipating the first Friday prayer in it
Al-Kazemi assures Zarif that Iraq seeks a “balanced and positive role” in the region
Egypt toughens against the Renaissance Dam and monitors the Libyan situation “seriously”

News newspaper
The American Nightmare
Diab does not resign … but concedes!
Syria: The third legislative round since 2011: elections under “Caesar” … and “Corona”
Dahlan turns against Hamas?

Construction newspaper
Lebanon waiting: acclimated to 80 Corona casualties a day and 8,000 pounds for the dollar exchange rate
The dispute over the government is declining in the name of “neutrality”. Diab and Basil are in Diman for reconciliation first
The government needs a six-month plan that guarantees regular import, price stability and a dollar ceiling

Al-Gomhoria newspaper
Neutrality from escalation to clarification
“Corona” is escalating and waving tough measures
Whose dominance? For Washington or for the “party”?
The neutrality of the patriarch … and the curse of division!
Three-year upward economic pressure?

Major General Newspaper
New international conditions for assistance: neutrality and speed up reforms
Diab from Bkerke: I will not resign … and MPs will put confidence or the ministers will act
Baghdad affirms to Zarif its adherence to peace with neighboring countries
Military crowds around Sirte and Al-Jafra: Has the battle of the “Red Lines” approached?

Al-Diyar newspaper
Amendments to the government plan over a fire, with Lazard coming to Beirut
From a rich country to a poor country … the Lebanon road is paved with risks and challenges
Traders make huge profits … and “consumer protection” is absent … and no profit records

National Call newspaper
The Rock of the Third Republic and the Centennial Constitution
– Basil drowned Talihid “in the mazes of” the system “
This is how the Patriarch held a dialogue with the Iranian ambassador


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