Light Radio “Amal” and Hizbullah leaderships in Beirut: Beware of continuous waste flowing to costabrava without finding solutions


The leaders of the “Amal Movement” and Hezbollah in the Beirut area held a meeting that included deputies from both parties, in addition to the municipal work officials and both the Beirut region official in the “Amal Movement” and the Beirut area official in Hezbollah,

The meeting was also attended by the head of the Southern Suburbs Municipalities Union, and the meeting was briefed on the detailed report presented by the President of the Suburbs Municipalities Union on the waste file, especially regarding the status of the Costa Brava landfill, which will continue the flow of unions to it from all regions to stop absorbing any additional quantities, which warns of a situation Disastrous, especially in the suburbs where the population density, in addition to the emergency emerging, by hinting the companies pledging to fulfill their obligations due to their faltering financial situation, which is what the southern suburb streets and other parts of Mount Lebanon Governorate have begun to witness.

The meeting concluded the following:

– Emphasizing the danger of continuing the flow of waste to the Costa Brava site without progress in final or final solutions and continuing to waste time.

– Warning that all parties should bear responsibility and not throw it at one party and one spot.

– Support all the steps taken by the Union of Southern Suburbs Municipalities to contribute to solving – even partially – the problem and invite the municipalities that benefit from the Costa Brava website to cooperate in searching for alternatives before reaching the impasse.

– Requesting the Presidency of the Government and the Council for Development and Reconstruction to formulate formulas and solutions for the problem, companies that are obligated to waste to continue their work in a manner that enables them to play their role and not stop.

– Inviting the government, and based on its decision issued on 5/5/202020, to consider the waste file a priority, and to find quick solutions for it.

Finally, the meeting agreed to form a follow-up committee that includes delegates from both parties to carry out the required contacts and follow-up.


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