Lies spread faster than facts across communication sites


American billionaire (Bill Gates) told CNBC: The wrong information tends to spread faster than the facts on social media.

Gates said in an interview with (Andrew Ross Sorkin) of CNBC; It aired on Tuesday: “When you let people communicate, you have to deal with the fact that some very exciting incorrect things can spread very quickly compared to the truth.” He added, “We have always seen this with vaccines.”

Gates said: The facts are spreading slowly on social media compared to the “negative” wrong information, which makes the task of companies, such as Facebook and Twitter, to achieve a difficult balance.

“It is extremely difficult for these media companies to be able to follow everything that is said on their platforms, to completely delete the wrong things, get rid of those things or slow their spread,” he said in an interview with him on Monday. He added: The thing that complicates the monitoring of the wrong information on Facebook is its decision for 2019 to encrypt the direct messages of users in the instant messaging service WhatsApp.

Gates said: “Even some of the messages on their platforms are not seen by these companies because of the encryption in WhatsApp.” He added, “In order not to take any responsibility, they made it vague. You know, whatever the problems, whether it’s vaccine control, child pornography – now she can’t get into these things. ”

Gates touched on the comments (Elon Musk) – CEO of Tesla Electric Corporation and Space Company (SpaceX) – the controversial about the emerging coronavirus (COVID-19), and he believes that Musk should take care of his own affairs and not He speaks what he does not know and is good at.

“The status of Elon is to maintain a high level of gruesome comments,” Gates said. He added: “He is not a vaccine. He makes a great electric car. And its rockets work well, so he allowed himself to say these things. I hope he does not confuse the areas he is not good at. ”

Source: The Arab Portal


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