Lebanon .. Condemnations of Gibran Bassil’s statements regarding the Palestinian and Syrian refugees



Ain al-Hilweh camp, South Lebanon – Archive

On Sunday, Palestinian factions condemned the statements of the President of the “Free Patriotic Movement” in Lebanon, Gibran Bassil, in which he considered that “the presence of Palestinian and Syrian refugees affects his country’s achievement of the principle of neutrality.”

In a statement, the Palestinian Forces Alliance in Lebanon called for “confronting all malicious media campaigns that smell of racism, hatred and hatred.”

The statement stressed, “its absolute rejection of the equality between the Palestinian refugees and Israel, which occupied the Palestinian and Arab lands,” stressing “the Palestinian refugees’ commitment to return to their lands from which they were displaced and to establish the Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

Bassil’s comments came after a meeting he gathered with the Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi, in which he said: “The principle of Lebanon’s neutrality can succeed if the neighboring countries recognize it and apply it by removing the explosive elements from abroad at home.”

He added: “The result is that we are in favor of the neutrality that preserves Lebanon’s unity and unity and all elements of its power, protects it from Israel’s ambitions and aggressions, and protects it from the dangers of terrorism.”

He continued: “There must be provision for internal and external constituencies that provide national conviction with neutrality, and this is by preventing aggression on Lebanon and maintaining its ability to defend itself.”

Basil considered that “to apply neutrality, first, internal agreement that requires national dialogue is required, and second, secure an international umbrella and external sponsorship, and third, neighboring countries should recognize our neutrality by removing external elements from Lebanon and withdrawing elements of the bombing, foremost of which is Israel’s occupation of land and organized terrorism.” From abroad, demarcating the borders, returning Syrian refugees and returning the Palestinian refugees. ”

The head of the “Free Patriotic Movement” was responding to previous statements by Patriarch Al-Rai, in which he called for achieving the principle of “neutrality of Lebanon.”

Source: Quds.net


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