Lebanon: Arrest of one of eight persons involved in the attack on a Syrian child


Lebanon: Arrest of one of eight persons involved in the attack on a Syrian child

In a case that raised public discontent

Thursday – 11 Dhu Al-Qi’dah 1441 AH – 02 July 2020 AD

Lebanese police (Archives-IBA)

Beirut: «Middle East»

Days after the discovery of the rape of a Syrian child, in one of the West Bekaa regions in Lebanon, the security forces succeeded in arresting one of the perpetrators, announcing that seven other young men were involved with him, after the initial information indicated that they were only three.
A video clip had been spread on websites and social media in Lebanon showing exposure to this child, after which his mother returned and confirms the news, which sparked popular discontent in Lebanon and Syria, and the hashtag “Justice for the Syrian child” issued social media, where activists have published Pictures and names of three young men who are required to be punished.
The Directorate General of Internal Security Forces announced the arrest of one of those involved. She said in a statement: “A number of websites and media circulated a video showing a number of young men harassing an unidentified minor, which caused great dissatisfaction among the public opinion,” and pointed out that “on the impact, and as a result of investigations and investigations, the Zahleh Judicial Detachment reached in Judicial police unit to identify the victim, a Syrian national, born in 2007 ». She said that after listening to him in the presence of the Juvenile Delegate at the Detachment Center, he stated that about two years ago, during his work in an olive press, eight Lebanese nationals born in (1977. 1981. 1998. 1999. 2000 and 2002), had sexual harassment in it, And practice indecent acts with him ».
The statement also clarified that “by listening to his mother, I took the character of a personal claim against the suspects of the crime of rape and sexual harassment, and the minor was also presented to a forensic medical committee.”
The statement announced that “the patrols of the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces managed to arrest one of the suspects, and the arrested person deposited the Office for Combating Trafficking in Persons and Protecting Ethics in the Judicial Police Unit, and search and investigation reports were circulated against those involved, based on the reference of the competent judiciary, while the investigation continues by the piece Concerned ».


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