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The Bolivian Police Anti-Crime Force announced on Tuesday that its agents have pulled more than 400 bodies from the streets and homes across the country in the past five days, including 85% who died due to the emerging Corona virus.

Between 15 and 20 July, the police withdrew about 191 bodies in Cochabamba, 141 in La Paz and 68 in Santa Cruz, the eastern region that records about half of the 61,000 injuries in the country, said the national director of this police force, Evan Rojas.

Eleven bodies were also removed in Potosi (southwest), and nine in Shuyuisaka (southeast). And 85% of the bodies belong to people who died from the Covid-19 epidemic or have symptoms of the disease, Rojas added.

According to the National Epidemiological Office, the spread of Covid-19 is accelerating in La Paz and Cochabamba.

Bolivia, which has 11 million people, has officially registered more than 2,200 deaths since the epidemic began.


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