Lebanese Minister of Health: Wait for a “shocking” number today!


Health Minister Hamad Hassan announced that the number that will be recorded today for the number of “Corona” injuries will be “shocking”, explaining that this matter is related to the return of alienation.
Hassan’s words came during a joint press conference with both the Minister of Education Tariq Al-Majzoub and the President of the Lebanese University, Fouad Ayoub, against the background of registering an infection in Corona at the Faculty of Information of the Lebanese University (first branch).

However, Hassan, who stressed the importance of “individual responsibility” about this, assured that the situation in general is good and under control, and “we will proceed according to the objective plan to protect Lebanese society.”
The Minister of Education announced that “it has been proven that the infection that was registered in Corona at the Faculty of Information is from outside the university,” revealing that the entire building of the college will be sterilized, and all students will be subjected to Corona tests.
He said: “We will soon issue a health protocol to keep up with the coming school year, and we will launch with the Minister of Health and Stakeholders a plan to return to schools, institutes and universities.”

For his part, Ayoub affirmed that the measures taken at the Lebanese University are exceptional and bold and should have taken place, pointing out that the injury that was recorded is from outside the university.
He revealed that Corona examinations for media students will be conducted at the Rafic Hariri University Hospital at the expense of the Ministry of Health.
He said: “Our students are responsive to us and we deal with them as our children. The percentage of attendance at exams is close to one hundred percent.”
He announced the return of exams at the Faculty of Information, starting on Monday, stressing that “we can only finish the academic year in a proper manner.”


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