Learn the story of the great comet “Noise” that can be seen with the naked eye


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Learn the story of the great comet “Nways” that can be seen with the naked eye, today, Friday, July 17, 2020 11:42 AM

One of the rare astronomical events in the world is viewing the comet “Noays”, which can be seen with the naked eye. The Earth Sky website said that we may wait for decades, until we see another comet with such a brightness that is called a comet. Observers of the United States and Canada can observe the comet with the naked eye at northern latitudes, and observers in the southern hemisphere can see this visible comet through simple telescopes or other visual aids. This comet has a separate tail, making it It is of great shape and beauty, seen for the first time in nearly a quarter of a century.

It will be easy to discover this comet in the evening in the second half of July. The comet will be “Noays”, according to the “Euro News” network, at the location closest to Earth from 22 to 23 July 2020, where it will be 64 million miles away. The equivalent of 103 km from the planet Earth. The comet was first discovered on March 27, 2020, from a space observatory 326 miles above the surface of the earth. The comet was at its closest point to the sun on July 3, 2020 where it was 26.7 million miles away. From the sun, which was slightly closer than the average distance from the sun to Mercury.

The size of the comet, Massiero, deputy principal investigator at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, revealed that the comet’s nucleus diameter is about 3 miles in length, equivalent to 5 kilometers. 4.6 billion years. This is the brightest comet since 1997, since the comet of Hal-Pope with the naked eye in front of a large population of the planet Earth. The comet was discovered by accident in early April when Michael Mattiatzo observed an amateur The presence of a strange reflection spot in the solar wind when observing the sky during the quarantine period. The comet is known as “New Wise” with the scientific symbol (C / 2020 F8), and it is now visible to the naked eye in more than one place around the planet, according to the New York Times. To see the comet preferably be in a dark place away from the cities and prefer to use a telescope, and the best times to monitor it in the Middle East is before dawn.

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