Learn about Dr. Moataz Naseer Khatib Sham, the daughter of Asala


The star Asala celebrated her daughter’s engagement today DinnerAnd, in a ceremony that was limited to 6 people only, where Sham performed a speech on the Egyptian doctor Moataz Naseer, as it spread on social networking sites, a little while ago, a video during the engagement, and also published an authenticity video while she was talking to her son Ali, and asked him about the secret of his elegance and his pre-engagement Minutes of engagement.

The golden preacher of Sham

According to Dr. Moataz’s page on Instagram, he works as a plastic surgeon, followed by both Asala and Sham her daughter, as well as he studied medicine at Ain Shams University, and has more than one beauty clinic, and also his mother has a good relationship with the star Asala, and he previously spoke in some medical conferences outside Egypt.

Cham's engagement
Cham’s engagement


Sham al-Dhahabi, daughter of Asala, recently published through the account of her account on the Instagram site, the first two photos of the artist Asala at the beginning of her artistic life, while her daughter Sham was still young, and the second image was in the prime of youth, explaining that that image is using her as a background for her mobile phone.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian star Assala Nasri announced the completion of the recording of the songs of her new album called “Do not Give Up”, offering thanks to the Saudi composer Saham, for supervising the new album, saying: “I thank him very much for a long time. I know that it is an expensive and precious time that he spent He also supervised my performance in most of my songs, to give each song its right in all angles of feeling. “


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