Lazio falls into the equalizer and crashes in Juventus chase race in the Italian league


Team continued Latsio Bleeding points and gave constant gifts to leaders Juventus, after losing for the third time in a row Italian Football LeagueToday, Saturday in front of its guest Sassuolo 2-1 in the 32nd round.

And after the league resumed one point behind Juventus The defending champion in the last eight seasons seemed to be the only candidate to be removed from his throne for not losing in 21 consecutive games, Lazio fell four times in six games, to give the 75-point “old lady” team a 10-point away, if he subsequently defeated Atalanta the third in a match summit.

With the 66-point Atalanta winning, coach Simone Inzaghi’s 68th team will drop to third place for Bergamo.

After returning from the standstill of the new Corona virus, Lazio suffered a setback after another, losing to the powerful Atalanta before being defeated twice in a row against Milan and the humble Lecce.

Lazio’s hopes of achieving his third Serie A title dwindled after 1974 and 2000.

“The only way to gain confidence is to win, we have many problems that I do not want to use to make excuses, but we have spoken with the team in the past few days, and they have criticized themselves as well,” Albanian Lazio Sports Director Egli Tarry explained before the match the dark period the team is going through. We have to get back on the right track. ”

Follow the network Sky SportsWhen you miss 14 players due to injuries and suspensions, it is impossible to give 100% if you play once every three days. We will not use them as excuses but as an additional catalyst. ”

The guests posed a threat to Lazio and the video technology contributed to the cancellation of an early goal by Jacomo Rasbaduri, who played his first basic match with Sassuolo, eighth in the 7th minute, and then bounced back the ball from Serbian goalkeeper Thomas Stracusha in the 12th minute.

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Luis Alberto responded with a ball that toppled it over the crossbar near the penalty spot in the 11th minute, but in the next attempt the Spaniard caught the ball from the middle of the area to the right of the goalkeeper in the 33rd minute, scoring his sixth goal of the season.

After video technology banned him in the first half, the 20-year-old was tied by Raspadore, when he faced the goalkeeper from close range and scored an easy ball against Stracusha in the 52nd minute.

Chiru Imobili, the league’s top scorer (29 goals), tried to find solutions from a beautiful shot that blocked the right post in the 66th minute.

While the match was heading for a tie, Sassuolo scored the second in the deadly time after a cross that followed him close to veteran goal line Francesco Caputo (90 + 1), with Sassuolo achieving his fourth win.


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