Latifa asks her audience: Who is traveling and who is supplementing the home with “Weekend”? .. Video


I participated Tunisian actress Latifa, A video clip with her fans and followers while leaving her house as she takes all preventive measures to avoid infection with the new Corona virus “Covid 19”, as she wore a “muzzle”, while greeting her fans via the video that she posted on her account on “Instagram”, she wrote in her comment on Video: “Good evening, my love. Do you work in the weekend? Who is traveling and who is completing at home?”

This came a day after the Tunisian actress Latifa expressed her great happiness for the effect of her song “Awaiy Change” on many people even though she was on her first album, expressing her thanks to the artist Tamim Younes through her official account on the social networking site “Twitter”.

The Latifa Tunisian artist said through her official account on the social networking site “Twitter”: “It is pleased that the song” Awa Change “from the first albums in my career is not affecting people until today .. Thank you, Tamim Younis, for this beautiful remix, and God encouraged me I was still thinking of doing a remix Please understand. “

Latifa, the Tunisian artist, is preparing to launch a video clip for the song “Red Door and West”, through her official account on the social networking site “YouTube”, soon, and the Tunisian artist Latifa will spend the summer vacation in the North Coast, and her fans and followers share through her official accounts on the social media platforms from time to time The other one, with her pictures and videos, received great interaction and great admiration among her followers on social media..

Earlier, the Tunisian actress Latifa, through her official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, published a video while she was inside the car on the northern coast, singing “You Yah”, commenting: “You, my God, my age, I did not see your clothes in life, you yah , Direct from the northern coast. “The Tunisian star Latifa also shared her followers and fans with a new video of her recent vacation that she spent on one of the beaches of the northern coast, and she caressed the waves..

Latifa posted the video through her personal account on the Instagram photo site, which is caressing the waves, and in the background of her last song, I lived my life, which I presented five months ago, and she wrote: “News of summer weather with you, who has seen the sea and where is it still?”

Latifa announced a few days ago that she is about to achieve a surprise soon for her fans and followers, by shooting a video clip from one of her songs that she recently presented, expressing her love and longing for her fans, and Latifa said, in a video clip that she published via her account on Instagram: “A new surprise in your presence … A new clip, you will see, a strong relative, with your love, “excited her fans:” We have said a lot of video clips … Think of the clip, it will be Tunisian and not Egyptian. “



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