Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper Salma Hayek congratulates her mother on her birthday


Salma Hayek, a Mexican star of Lebanese descent, posted on her social media page a page that appeared with her mother, on the occasion of her last birthday.

Hayek attached the picture to a message in which her mother returned, saying: “Happy birthday, my wonderful mother, thank you, because you gave me life, love and genetics.”

Followers interacted with the picture significantly, as comments gathered on the great similarity between Hayek and her mother, especially in terms of eyes. It is said that the mother, Diana Jimenez, is of Spanish Hispanic origin, while Hayek’s father is a Mexican businessman of Lebanese origin, Sami Hayek. Salma is one of the icons of world cinema, and has a special place in Hollywood movies, and she has made many targeted films on violence against Mexican women, and other issues of concern to her country.


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