Kuwaiti May Al-Aidan raises the controversy with the “scandalous video” of the artist Ghada Abdel Razek, by putting a crowbar under the influence of alcohol!


Kuwaiti media May Al-Aidan has caused an outcry among her followers by defending the scandalous video of Egyptian artist Ghada Abdel Razek, which was filmed about 3 years ago.

Al-Eidan, through her account, “Instagram,” published a video of her program, “an account statement,” commenting on the questions of some about the lack of accountability of Ghada Abdel-Razek while the dancer Sama Al-Masry was imprisoned.

Al-Eidan explained in her comment that Abdel Razek’s video took place in one of the foreign countries and therefore the Egyptian judiciary is not authorized to look into the incident or punish it, while Sama Al-Masry’s videos were made inside the country.

A media sensation had been raised after the appearance of the artist Ghada Abdel Razek in a video clip that showed parts of her body, and the artist remained silent before she broke out of her silence and said that what was published was fabricated, and that the enemies of success were intended to confuse her image in front of everyone.

And the Egyptian artist sparked a controversy at the time, after she appeared in the video, by placing an offensive and unnatural under the influence of alcohol during a live broadcast.


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