Killian Mbappe implements Real Madrid’s plan to come to the Bernabeu


Did not cause statements Killian Mbappe Which he emphasized during his continued season with Paris Saint-Germain The French, that is, astonishment within the corridors of the “Santiago Bernabeu”. Rather, the plan is proceeding as planned by the administration Real Madrid.

According to what we learned from sources close to the French player, Mbabe postponed the negotiations of studying the latest offer regarding the renewal of his contract with Saint-Germain, saying: «I need some time to think about it»In exchange to calm the situation, Mbabei made these statements to remove any doubts about his continuation inside the Princes Park stadium, and this does not affect Madrid in the summer of 2021.

Mbappe spoke to “PN Sport”, saying: “I am here in Paris, I want to be part of the project, and I will be in PSG during the next season and I will try to win the maximum number of titles possible, I spend my fourth year and it will be an important year because it is the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the club, and this is an important year for the club and its lovers, and I will try to crown with all Available nicknames».

And of course Mbappe’s recent statements Quite different from last summer’s speech when he insisted on leaving, saying: “I think it is the right moment to take on more responsibility. Maybe you will be in Paris. I will be happy, but also he may have spoken elsewhere with a new project.” These words angered Saint-Germain and then sent a tough statement.

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It seems that the French administration managed to eliminate the crisis between Mbabbe and his German coach Thomas Tuchel, after a dispute occurred between them twice, but in the last hours, Takhil commented on Mbabe’s comments to stay in the next season, saying: «It is a great honor to train a player worth Killian Mbappe».

Real Madrid’s plan with Killian Mbappe

The Royal Club monitors all these events very naturally, and for him the best moment for the player to come in the summer of 2021, and all matters lead to this date. Indeed, Mbappe can agree to renew his contract, but it will complicate the process or in a clearer sense it will be a great cost, The intention of the Mbabe family in the case of renewing his contract with Saint-Germain is to include a penalty clause allowing his departure to Al-Maringi or any other team, and to put a value similar to 222 million euros as they obtained the services of Neymar from Barcelona in 2017.And Saint-Germain decided the summer of 2022 for Mbappe to leave, after running the World Cup in Qatar, and, according to what we learned, the French club leaked reports through Sports Director Leonard, stating that BSG was leaving Mbabe without participation in his last year (2021-2022), that is, before the end of His contract, of course, is a lever to renew his contract.

The scenario of Mbappe’s arrival in 2022 will also be great for the Royal Club led by Florentino Perez, and he can take advantage of the good relationship with Nasser Al Khulaifi, President of Saint Germain to achieve this goal, and Mbappe’s arrival coincides with the opening of the Bernabeu after its renewal.


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