Keep an eye out for new details told by Nancy Ajram and her husband for the first time about the villa’s death


Fuchsia – Nancy Ajram, pioneers of social media and fans of the star Nancy Ajram, is anxiously awaiting the presentation of the documentary that will be broadcast through the “Watch Vip” service, entitled “The Complete Novel”. Scoop Production Company.

The documentary definition earlier came as a “full account” of a story that shook Lebanese and Arab society, and turned into an issue of public opinion that occupied the media and people, and remained open to great possibilities and questions without conclusive answers, which relate to the killing of the young man Mohamed Al-Mousa by Nancy Ajram’s husband. Fadi Al-Hashem inside the latter’s villa.

According to LBCI sources, the details of the expected documentary, about one and a half hours long, whose preparation began about a month ago, were revealed and photographed between Lebanon and Syria.

The documentary will also include interviews with the star Nancy Ajram, some of her family members, and workers in the villa where the crime occurred.

During this documentary, Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem will speak, for the first time, about what happened that night when the young Mohammed Al-Mousa stormed the villa where the crime took place, as well as full scenes from surveillance cameras documenting the incident.

It is noteworthy that the documentary has been prepared with meticulous and professional preparation, as the second party will have the opportunity to speak through interviews with the family of the late Mohamed Al-Mousa in Syria after they were unable to come to Lebanon due to the Corona pandemic and the closing of the borders between the two countries at the time of filming the work.

For the first time, the documentary will reveal matters related to the tragic accident that occurred and was reported by social media pioneers.

The documentary will also convey things that highlight the questions and question marks that the public has placed on all sides in an attempt to answer them, which have been associated with this thorny issue, in addition to its consequences and the psychological suffering of the two families.

It should be noted that the investigation into the killing of the young Mohammed Al-Mousa did not reach his rings, but the family’s lawyer, Gabi Germanus, had announced earlier that Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem had resorted to the law, putting in his possession all the information available from the surveillance cameras, confirming their bet and their confidence In the Lebanese judiciary, especially that Al-Hashem was in a state of self-defense, calling for a halt to media exploitation of the case, denying all rumors about prior knowledge between the family of Nancy and the victim, noting that neither his client’s family nor domestic workers knew in advance.

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