Katy Perry dressed up the moon as she was pregnant with his fiance … Watch


The star Katie Berry appeared through some of the pictures while she was on the beach in Malpiyo, and she was enjoying the sunshine with her fiancé, actor Orlando Bloom.

Photo of star Katie Perry in moon costume while pregnant and in beachwear:

As the Daily Mail newspaper published some of the pictures of the global pop star Katy Perry while she was wandering in beachwear swimwear and her fiancé practiced water skiing and it was mentioned that actor Orlando Bloom was listening to surfing.

Katie Perry was swimming and was smiling alone while she was diving underwater. It is reported that she announced her first pregnancy last March from her fiance, actor Orlando Bloom.

She posted a video showing her stomach, after they had an emotional relationship since 2016, and they celebrated their engagement on Valentine’s Day last year and announced that the reason for delaying her marriage was the fear of the burden of commitment and responsibilities with the difficulties of married life.

The duo Katie Perry and Orlando Bloom announced their decision to exchange the marriage vows in the coming April, and the date and venue of the ceremony were not specified accurately until this time, and according to Orland’s statements, he is very excited to receive his daughter from his fiancée, international star Kate Perry, and stressed that the moments of birth will be charming with the presence of a new angel .


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