Kartararo achieves his first victory and Marquis comes out injured


Fabio Cartarro became the first French to win a grand prize in the MotoGP World Championship since 1999, by outperforming the Spain Prize, the first stage of the 2020 championship in this category, which saw the injury of Spanish world champion #Mark_Marquez (Honda).

Yamaha, who started from first place, led the Spanish Maverick Vinales (Yamaha) and the Italian Andrea Dovicioso (Ducati) to win a race held on the Jerez circuit and witnessed the departure of the six-time world champion Mark Marquis (Honda) on lap 20 for losing control of his bike .

Marquis was taken away from the circuit aboard an ambulance, and his team, “Repsol Honda”, later announced that he had suffered a fracture requiring surgery.

“Falling on the third lap during the conflict for a position on the podium, he caused a fracture of the right humerus of Marc Marquis, who will travel to Barcelona for surgery,” the team said in a statement.

And Kartararo (21 years old) won his first career in “Moto GB”, in the first race held in this category’s competitions for this season.

“Oh my God, this is the best moment of my life,” Cartarro said, after he became the first French cyclist to win a race since fellow countryman Regis Lacone 21 years ago.

The world championships were scheduled to start in March on the Losail circuit, but the new Corona virus prevented the establishment of the first category competitions, and the second categories “Moto 2” and the third “Moto 3” were sufficient.

The race saw the withdrawal of seven-time world champion Valentino Rossi (Yamaha) in the nineteenth lap, in addition to two withdrawals before its start, for the Spanish Alex Reins (Suzuki) and the British Cal Crocello (Honda).

Suzuki attributed Rennes’ absence to shoulder injuries he suffered as a result of the Saturday accident during official trials, while Crowchlo missed due to neck pain due to his fall during the warm-up roll today.

Ranking of the first five in “Moto GB”:

1- French Fabio Cartararo (Yamaha) 41: 23,796 minutes

2- Spanish Maverick Vinales (Yamaha), 4,603 seconds apart

3- Italian Andrea Dovecioso (Ducati), 5,946th difference

4- Australian Jack Miller (Ducati), a difference of 6,668th

5- Italian Franco Morpidelli (Yamaha), with a difference of 6,844th

The top five in the overall ranking:

1- French Fabio Cartararo: 25 points

2- Spanish Maverick Vinales: 20

3- Italian Andrea Dovicioso: 16

4- Australian Jack Miller: 13

5- Italian Franco Morpidelli: 11

Marini excels at Moto 2

In the Moto 2 category, Luca Marini (Calix) outperformed Japanese Tetsuta Nagashima (Calix), who boosted his breasts to the overall ranking of the tournament, after winning the first stage in Qatar.

The Italian, the half-brother of veteran Valentino Rossi, advanced more than a second later than his Japanese opponent, while Spaniard Jorge Martin (Calix) finished third in the Spanish award.

Marini dominated the race from its start, and said after his victory, “The pace of the race was slower than I expected, so I did not need to pressurize as much as I intended.”

It is the fourth victory for Marini, 22, in the second category, knowing that he had withdrawn from the first stage in Qatar.

Ranking of the top five in Moto 2:

1- Italian Luca Marini (Calix) 39: 23,297 minutes

2- Japanese Tatsuta Nakashima (Kalix), 1,271 seconds apart

3- The Spanish Jorge Martin (Calix), 4,838th difference

4- British Sam Louise (Calix), by a difference of 6,2 th

5- Spain’s Aaron Canet (Speed ​​Up), 10,794th difference

The top five in the overall ranking:

1- Japanese Tatsuta Nakashima: 45 points

2- Italian Lorenzo Baldassari: 28

3- Italian Luca Marini: 25

4- Italian Inia Bastianini: 23

5- Australian Remy Gardner: 20

– A second win for Arenas in Moto 3-

Spaniard Albert Arenas (KTM) strengthened his lead in the overall ranking in the “Moto 3” category, with his second victory this season after the first on the Losail circuit.

Arenas, Japan’s I-Ogura (Honda), advanced by 0.340 seconds, and Italian Tony Arpolino (Honda), by 0.336 seconds.

The race witnessed a fierce final competition between Arpolino and the British John McVeigh (Honda), which ended with the exit of the track on the last lap because of friction when trying to overtake, knowing that he led the race in several stages.

“This race was very difficult because of the high temperatures and the consumption of the rear tire, but I was able to stay quickly in the turns,” said Arenas, who won his fifth victory in the “Moto 3” category since starting his participation in 2014.

Ranking of the top five in Moto 3:

1- The Spanish Albert Arenas (KTM) 39: 26,256 minutes

2- Japanese Iogura (Honda), with a difference of 0.340 seconds

3- Italian Tony Arbolino (Honda), by a difference of 0.336 w

4- Italian Andrea Meno (KTM), a difference of 0.546 w

5- Italian Celestino Vitti (KTM), by 0.634 w

The top five in the overall ranking:

1- Spanish Albert Arenas: 50 points

2- The Japanese Ayogura: 36

3- British John McVeigh: 20

4- Spain’s Jaume Masia: 19

5- Japanese Tatsuki Suzuki: 19.

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