Kardashian’s husband ran for US presidency … stab in Trump’s back?


The announcement by US rapper Kanye West, Kim Kardashian’s husband, that he will run for the upcoming presidential election, was seen by many as a stab in the back of President Donald Trump’s “family friend” but this is perhaps not the only explanation.

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As is well known, West has in recent years made controversial statements about slavery and its support for Trump, who is absolutely unpopular with rap.

As for his wife, she supported Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections, but she established a good relationship with Trump later, and visited the White House more than once, the last of which was last month when she came with three former prisoners to meet Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, and his wife Ivanka To discuss issues related to prison reform and judicial rulings in the United States.

Kim used one of her meetings with Trump in 2018 to ask him for a presidential pardon for a sixty-year-old woman named Alice Joensuu, who had been serving life imprisonment since 1996 because of her involvement in the drug trade, and days later Trump announced that Johnson’s sentence was reduced and her freedom was restored.

Meanwhile, Kanye West earlier hinted that he had presidential ambitions, and said in an interview that his support for Trump was a ploy to banish Democrats and pave the way for his own race to the White House.

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Trump released a drug trafficker at the request of Kim Kardashian

The wave of anti-racist protests that swept the United States after the death of black citizen George Floyd at the hands of a white policeman in Minneapolis last month may have given new impetus to West’s ambition, who has been actively involved in a campaign to support the families of police violence victims.

West ensures that George Floyd’s daughter Gianna has spent all her life expenses on her education and future tuition fees, and has also made donations to a series of black companies in Chicago to help keep her running during the Corona crisis.

Is she really a stab on Trump’s back, especially after Kim, “the well-known,” supported her husband’s move by spreading an American flag in her tweet?

Is a new challenge for Trump from where he did not expect, especially after the famous businessman Elon Musk also announced his support for Lost, while online bookmakers raised the odds of West winning quickly from 0.2% to 2%?

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Kim Kardashian's husband takes on the expenses of Floyd's daughter for life

The picture is not yet clear, and West himself has not yet provided details about his subsequent steps, but some considered the singer’s move a “ploy aimed at re-electing Trump,” accusing him of trying to divide the votes of the anti-Trump camp, where Democrats and their potential candidate, Joe Biden, rely heavily on votes The ethnic minorities that West will also try to gain loyalty.

West’s move and intent may be in the midst of political action arising from tacit competition with his wife and jealous of her growing fame as a social activist and advocate for prison reform and judicial rulings in the country.

In addition to these hypotheses, there are those who see that West’s decision may be just a propaganda ploy to help promote a new set of shoes or an upcoming album, and therefore he may withdraw his candidacy at a later time, as many have done before him, to calm the echoes of the current hype without leaving a trail in American political life.

Source: RT


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