Juventus match against Sassuolo today, Wednesday, and the transmission channels



Sport 360- We show you a match date Juventus Today, Wednesday, July 15 against Sassuolo, in the clashes of week 33 of competitions The Italian League.

Juventus match today against Sassuolo in the Italian League

Juventus are hosting Sassuolo to win and return to the winning streak that was held by Atlanta last round, with a 2-2 draw.

The date for the Juventus match today is a strong incentive for Bianconeri to defeat the guest and score 3 points, raising his score to 79 points, seated at the top of the table.

The defending champion is seeking to continue to score points, round after the other, and to take advantage of the poor situation of his rivals Lazio in order to widen the difference and the reassurance of keeping the Accudetto.

Juventus match today against Sassuolo in the Italian League

The date for Juventus match against Sassuolo comes today at 23:45 Emirates time, 22:45 Saudi time, 21:45 Cairo time, and the meeting will be broadcast on the BN Sports HD4 channel.

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