Jordanian Ifta prohibits Corona prayer in congregational prayer


Omar bin Al-Khattab Mosque in Jordan – Archive

The Jordanian Ifta Chamber confirmed on Saturday that the participation of the person infected with or suspected of having the Corona virus in the congregational prayer is “forbidden in Islam.”

The announcement of the prohibition of the participation of the injured came in the course of the department’s response to a question about the groups that drop their Friday prayers and do not have to attend, especially in light of the spread of the Corona epidemic.

The response is as follows: “It is forbidden for those who were infected with or suspected to have an infectious disease, to attend the congregational prayer, if it is to transmit the disease to others through contact with them.”

And “he must take the necessary health precautions, such as quarantine, and forbid him to conceal his illness so as not to harm others.”

And the Fatwa Department indicated that “Friday prayer falls for those with chronic diseases who fear for their lives if they get sick.”

She stressed that the Friday prayer is not obligatory “for everyone who has reached an age when he is afraid of contracting the disease from serious complications that may lead to death.”

Source: “Tell Me”


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