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A friend of the actor, Johnny Depp, said during a court of defamation against the popular newspaper “The Sun” in London, that “the wife of the former Hollywood star amp Herd, made a bruise on her face to blackmail him during their divorce.” Deeb is being prosecuted before the London High Court, the British popular newspaper, The Sun, and its publisher, NGN, for describing him as a man who abused his wife in April 2018. Since their divorce in 2017, two years after a stormy marriage, Deeb (57) And Hurd (34) is charged with violence. Days after his testimony was given by Dib, testimonies from the representative came to challenge Hurd’s credibility. On the ninth day of the trial, the day before yesterday, the artist Isaac Baruch, a friend of Deeb 40 years ago, confirmed that Hurd’s bruises, especially red marks around the eye, appeared in photos published by the media in 2016 “incorrect”. “I filed a false complaint on charges of domestic violence, for blackmailing him during the divorce,” he explained during his testimony via video technology from Los Angeles. Baruch added that he “saw the actress the day after the accident in May 2016, during which she alleged that Deeb threw her on a cell phone on the face.” He continued, “I saw her about 30 centimeters away, but I did not notice any bruising or redness … nothing,” stressing that he was “100% confident that she was not wearing makeup.” And NGN’s lawyer tried to show the witness’s lack of sincerity, stressing that he lived at Deb’s expense.

Isaac Baruch: “I saw an amp after the accident, and I didn’t notice any redness on her face.”

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