Jerusalem News Agency – “NASA” launches a spacecraft titled “perseverance” to explore Mars


NASA launched a new mission to Mars today, called “perseveranceThat is, perseverance, with the aim of exploring the Red Planet.

The space mission began today, Thursday, from the “Cape Canaveral” air base in Florida at 7:50 local time in Florida.

The missile carries a large unmanned spacecraft with six wheels to explore the dirt and volcanic craters on Mars.

According to the newspaper “lesiteinfo“The French are overseeing the vehicle launches, and before the countdown, the Moroccan scientist Kamal Oudghiri, as well as a huge team of NASA scientists.”

The space “perseverance” mission includes a drone helicopter, along with many other devices that will be used in space exploration and research, as well as a 1043 kg robot, all powered by solar energy.

The mission searches for the ancient effects of the existence of previous civilizations on Mars, in addition to searching for the possibilities that the Red Planet can provide to man with a view to his future settlement.

The mission lasts seven months, and the vehicle will land in the volcano “Guizero” (50 km in diameter) in Mars, on February 18, 2021.


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