Tehran – “Al-Quds” dot com – (AFP) – Iranian authorities announced on Wednesday that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused the deaths of 140 nurses and doctors in Iran, apart from thousands of injuries among health personnel since the outbreak of the Corona virus, and stressed the need to adhere to the instructions Health.

“Five thousand of our doctors and nurses were infected with Covid-19, and 140 of them died,” said Sima Sadat Larry, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health, during the daily press briefing.

President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday called on the entire nation to be vigilant and respect the health directives, especially the social divergence, in the face of “the ordeal that occurred about a month ago.”

“We ask people to avoid all gatherings and to adapt their lifestyle to the current situation,” imposed by the virus, Rouhani said during a cabinet meeting.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Sunday criticized those who “do nothing with the simplicity of wearing a mask” to prevent the spread of the virus, saying that such behavior makes him “ashamed”.

The spread of the disease has been accelerating for nearly a month in Iran, the most affected country in the Middle East, which reported the first cases of SARS-Cove-2 on February 19.

According to official data released on Wednesday, 199 HIV-related deaths and 2,388 new infections were recorded during the past 24 hours.

Larry reported that the numbers reached 264,561 injuries, including 13,410 deaths.


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