Jana Amr Diab’s mother celebrates her birthday in 3 pictures and the wife of Fabregas is the most congratulatory


Zina Ashour, the mother of the plateau, took care Amr diab To celebrate the occasion of their daughter Jana’s birthday recently, through three photos that she published through her account on Instagram, where she published a picture that she gathered with her and commented on her by writing a letter to her on the occasion of her birthday, in which she said: “My love, every year and you are kind, I love you so much”, and immediately after publishing the photo, many interacted With her, most notably Daniela Simon, the wife of the player, Fabregas.

Zina and her daughter

On the other hand, the great star Amr Diab is about to finish finalizing a new national song that he finished recording during the last period, and it is scheduled to reveal it to the public during the coming days, as the plateau hides the name of the song and its creators completely.

Jana with her sisters
Jana with her sisters

And “The Seventh Day” is informed that the poet and author Ayman Bahjat Qamar is preparing for two new songs with the plateau Amr Diab, which is scheduled to be released within the new plateau album, as the plateau began recording the songs of his album, scheduled to be released to the markets at the end of next September at the latest.

Fabregas's wife congratulates Jana Amr Diab
Fabregas’s wife congratulates Jana Amr Diab

Bahjat Qamar and Al-Hadaba did not specify the names of the songs, especially that Amr Diab just started recording songs, and it is known that he records a group of songs and then prefers between them to present them to the public, whether singles or in a whole album, as we did in the last album, “Sahran”.

It is mentioned that Amr Diab’s latest albums were called “Sahran”, which was released at the beginning of the year 2020, and included 16 songs “rigid, but”, “Sahran,” “Hayesh, Yaftkarkni”, “Festival”, “Jamila”, and “El-Gahka Deh” And “Good Uncle”, “Your Place in My Heart”, “Sweet Beginnings”, “Zee Mant”, “Yaruqunk”, “Spirit”, “With His Love”, “In Front of Her Mirrors”, “Day of Hills” and “First Day in Distance” .


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