Italy returns to France in pursuance of a Paxi stolen from Pataclan theater (photos)


Italy officially returns today (Tuesday) to France an action attributed to Banksy, in which he honors the victims of the November 2015 attacks in Paris, after he stole in 2019 and was found shortly before on a farm near Rome.

The “Bab Banksy” work will be exhibited at the Varnese Palace in Rome, which includes the French embassy in Italy, in the presence of Ambassador Christian Masih and the chief prosecutor in Aquila, the largest city of Abruzzo in the center of the country, where it was found in early June and the police official responsible for cultural heritage.

He did not disclose the date and details of the painting’s return to France.

This work, attributed to the famous British street artist Banksy, was painted on a back door in the “Pataclan” hall in Paris, and shows a sad girl, in homage to the nineteen victims of the November 13, 2015 attacks in the French capital.

Work was stolen with the door on which it was painted in January 2019.

The stolen door was found on a rural farm in Abruzzo in a joint operation of the Italian and French police.

Six people were arrested in France at the end of June, as part of a massive operation of the Parisian judicial police in the Alps and central regions of the country.

Two of them were charged with theft and the other four were accused of hiding loot.


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