Italian opera singer apologizes for his comments on “Corona” – thought and art – east and west


Today, famous Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli apologized for comments that seemed to underestimate the size of the Corona virus pandemic, when he said that no one in his circle of acquaintances had entered intensive care because of the disease, statements that angered many and sparked criticism on social media.

In a video on Facebook, Bocelli asked for forgiveness and accepted his apology for any suffering he had caused, saying, “I did not intend to offend those who suffered Coved-19.”

Bocelli had said, before the Italian Senate, on Monday, that he considered that the situation could not be as serious as the authorities talk about, because there is no in his circle of acquaintances who entered intensive care because of the Corona virus, and urged people to violate the rules that are still in effect It out.

Health officials criticized Bocelli, anger stirred on social media, and spread widely on Twitter and tagged “Shame on you Bocelli.”

Addressing Bocelli, a Twitter user wrote, “Just focus on singing.” He said that the blind opera singer was lucky to have spent the period of public isolation in “the huge villa where he lives, and because he has not lost any of his family members.”

In his statement of apology, Bocelli said: “For everyone who felt offended or suffering because of the way I expressed myself, which was without a doubt the best possible way to do so, and because of the words I used, I implore them to accept my sincere apologies, because my intention was the exact opposite of that.” “.



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