Israel Comments on the Social Divergence During the Pilgrimage of the Kaaba


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Israeli Foreign Ministry, on Wednesday, commented on the pilgrim tour around the Kaaba, amid physical divergence measures to confront the outbreak of the new Corona virus, describing the scene as “historic.”

The foreign page said on Twitter (Israel in Arabic): “Video | Mecca now … an unprecedented historical scene … Pilgrims in the Sacred House of God embark on the first ritual rituals of pilgrimage around the Kaaba preserving social distance. May God accept them, Lord of the worlds. Happy New Year , As she put it.

And the page “Israel in the Gulf” published a picture of the pilgrims and commented by saying: “Maintaining a system of social separation between each other, the pilgrims of the House of God perform the rituals of Hajj for this year, Happy New Year.”

And she added, “Israel in the Gulf” in her tweet on Twitter, saying: “We congratulate everyone and wish them a justified pilgrimage, a grateful endeavor, and a forgiven sin.”

The rituals of Hajj will be held during the current year in exceptional circumstances where the rules of physical separation are respected in order to prevent the outbreak of the new Corona virus among the pilgrims.

The Saudi government applies health protocols and strict precautions during the Hajj season to prevent an outbreak.


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