Israel bombards the sites of the Syrian regime and the “party” in the vicinity of Damascus (video)


Violent explosions were reported in the vicinity of the capital, Damascus, as a result of an Israeli air strike on sites of the Syrian regime forces and Iranian groups.

And the Syrian news agency “SANA” reported that “the Syrian air defenses confronted hostile targets in the sky of the capital, Damascus.”

There were also raids in Daraa, Quneitra, and Kiswah, and a number of injuries were reported. And Israeli helicopters participated in the bombing of sites in Syria, according to Al-Arabiya.

The Israeli raids targeted an Iranian position south of Damascus and air defense systems. as such Hezbollah sites were targeted by guided missiles and Apache helicopters in Quneitra.

According to the event, Targeted Israel had a joint operating room in which Iranian and Hezbollah officials were present, as she indicated News that an Iranian general was killed in the raids is General Ali Haj Hussein, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the eastern region of Syria Add to High-ranking officers in the Syrian regime army in the vicinity of the city of Sahnaya in Damascus countryside.

Initial information also reported the killing of 11 Iranian soldiers and the wounding of 17 others by Israeli strikes targeting their locations in various areas of southern Syria.

For its part, Israel announced that “an imminent operation was targeting it from Syria,” according to the event.


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