Ismaily dispense with the services of Tunisian Akram Aliawi due to the Corona pandemic


The Ismaili Club’s board of directors, headed by Ibrahim Othman, decided to thank Tunisian Akram Aliawi, the first team load planner, to save expenses in light of the financial crisis that the club suffers from after the Corona pandemic.

An official source in the Ismaili Council said in special statements to “The Seventh Day”, “The Ismaili administration informed Akram Alaoui, who has been in Tunisia since last March because of the freezing of football activity, with the end of the relationship between the two parties, although the coach was doing his job in following up the training programs for players throughout the period of domestic isolation through WhatsApp “.

The technical staff of the Ismaili Club, led by the French Didier Gomez, is awaiting the announcement of the Competitions Committee, the Football Association, to schedule the league matches to settle on the date of the camp that the Dervish will enter in preparation for the return of the League Championship. The Ismaili team tied with Aswan with a goal for each team in the friendly that brought the two teams to the main Ismailia stadium last Thursday. Ismaili advanced with the first goal through Mohamed Hashem, made by Ahmed Madbouly during the last moments of the first half, before Aswan tied in the second half through Mohamed Morsi.

Didier Gomez, the technical manager of the Ismaili club, warned against any weight gain, stressing that the penalties will be the fate of any player whose weight exceeds the weight that was registered after returning from home isolation due to Corona, stressing that he will follow up their weight weekly to ensure that they lose weight and not increase it in order to restore the required fitness. Before the return of the league scheduled for next August 6, and the Ismaili system had subjected the players to the balance after returning to training, and the balance of each player was recorded to follow the rates of decline while regaining strong training.


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