Iraq offers a set of proposals to Saudi Arabia, including the abolition of entry fees for businessmen


A meeting between the Iraqi and Saudi sides in Riyadh

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry announced today, Friday, that its senior agent, Abdul Karim Hashem, has proposed to his Saudi counterpart, Adel Merdad, the abolition of entrance visa fees between the two countries for businessmen and investors.

A statement by the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that “Mustafa met Mardad in the capital Riyadh on the sidelines of the meetings of the third session of the Iraqi-Saudi Coordination Council, and reviewed the developments in relations between the two brotherly countries, especially in the recent times that witnessed the signing of a number of protocols between them in various fields.”

The Undersecretary of the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs put forward a set of proposals to develop relations between the two countries, including facilitating the movement of travelers, abolishing entry fees for investors and businessmen between the two countries, and benefiting from the successful Saudi experiences in several areas that Iraq needs to develop its capabilities.

According to the statement, “The Undersecretary of the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Adel Mardad, expressed his great happiness, appreciation and gratitude for the positive vision reviewed by his Iraqi counterpart.”

Mardad said, “The proposals put forward by the Iraqi side will be seriously considered by the Saudi side to take positive decisions regarding them.”

The two parties reached an agreement to prepare a meeting soon for the Political Consultation Committee, which emanates from the Memorandum of Understanding on political consultations signed between the foreign ministries of the two countries, with the aim of activating the proposals that contribute to a qualitative shift in relations between the two brotherly countries.

Source: RT


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