Iran’s explosions continue … a new massive fire in the Al-Ahwaz region


The series of explosions and fires continues in Iran, the most recent of which was an explosion in Al-Ahwaz region, today, Saturday.

Twitter users circulated a video showing an explosion in the oil pipeline in the Khor Musa area (Sir Bandar) in the predominantly Arab region of Al-Ahwaz.

Iran is witnessing these days a series of mysterious fires and explosions, the last of which was the burning of at least 7 ships in the southern port of Bushehr, three days ago.

Before that, a fire broke out on July 12 at a facility of the Shahid Tondjoyan Petrochemical Company in southwestern Iran, but was quickly put out.

A huge explosion also rocked the Iranian capital, Tehran, on July 11. A spokesman for the Iranian fire department at the time said that the accident was caused by the explosion of several gas cylinders that were in the basement, which led to the destruction of a building and the injury of a resident.

Usually the authorities are silent about the causes of the repeated incidents, or give misleading information and then return to correct their narration after the news leaked to the media.

The series of fires and explosions began on June 26, with a huge explosion at the Parchin military site, which lit the Iranian capital, Tehran.

It was not until days that a fire broke out at the Natanz enrichment site, at the beginning of this month, after which the Iranian media directed a finger of blame at Israel.


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