Iranian diplomat reveals steps to respond to the interception of American fighter planes by an Iranian civilian aircraft


The Iranian ambassador to Beirut, Muhammad Jalal Firuzenia, said Saturday evening that his country will take all the legal and legal steps necessary to condemn the interception of American fighters against the Iranian civil plane.

And an Iranian plane belonging to the “Mahan” air company arriving from Iran to Lebanon, last Thursday night, with 155 passengers on board, was intercepted by two American planes when crossing the Syrian airspace, which resulted in a number of passengers being injured and bruised, while one of the passengers suffered fractures.

And Veruzenia said, according to the agency “Xinhua”, this evening, Saturday, that “the American fighters’ opposition to a civilian plane and endangering the lives of innocent passengers, children, men and women, is a prominent example of the terrorist and criminal practices carried out by the Americans in the region.”

He said, “The justifications that the Americans have provided for this described air piracy are an excuse worse than guilt.”

He added, “They lie by saying that they adhere to the safe distance and did not cause any danger, knowing that they are not essentially entitled to approach the plane under any pretext, as their work is a flagrant denunciation of all international laws and regulations adopted in the field of air navigation.”

The Iranian ambassador to Beirut, Muhammad Jalal Firouzenia, indicated that the Mahan plane was flying in a well-known and approved air route for Iranian civil aircraft heading from Tehran to Beirut and vice versa, when it was intercepted by American F-15 fighters, stressing that “download” The United States has all the consequences and responsibilities of this cowardly act. ”

“Iran will take all necessary legal and legal steps to condemn American air piracy in the United Nations, the International Civil Aviation Organization and related courts, especially with regard to the injured and injured passengers as a result of this incident,” Veruzenia said.

He considered that “the illegal American presence in the region is the primary cause of all terrorist acts, practices against security and threats affecting the countries and peoples of the region,” stressing that “the exit of the American military forces from the region is the primary factor that puts an end to all this piracy and terrorist practices.”

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