Iran records the highest death toll since Coruna outbreak


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On Sunday, the Iranian Ministry of Health announced 163 additional deaths from the newly created Coronavirus, the highest daily official death toll in Iran since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic in February.

The previous record number, Monday, was 162. Iran is the country most affected by the emerging corona virus in the Middle East.

IRNA quoted a spokeswoman for the Iranian Ministry of Health as saying that 2560 new cases of coronavirus had been registered, taking the total to 240,438.

A Iranian health spokesperson has announced 163 new deaths, bringing the total to 11571.

Iran International had reported that it had obtained the disappearance document of 11,000 Corona test samples in Ahvaz, southwestern Iran.

The document shows that despite the authorities ’denials and the denial of health officials, a secret lawsuit was filed for the disappearance of Corona test samples in Ahvaz.

It is reported that the red situation was announced regarding the spread of Corona in Ahvaz province several weeks ago.


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