“International Olympic” endorses the membership of Princess Rima Bint Bandar Al Saud


The head of the British International Athletics Federation (IFP) was elected # Sebastian_co as a member of the International Olympic Committee after his delay several times.

The membership of Ku, the Olympic champion twice in the 1500m race, was rejected since he assumed the presidency of the International Athletics Federation in 2015, the last of which was last December for fear of a “conflict of interests” between his membership and his chairmanship of the board of directors of the sports marketing company “CSM Sport”.

But Ko (63) modified his role in the company he currently holds as a managing director, to an ineffective position, which paved the way for membership in the International Olympic Committee.

Late entry to the International Olympic Committee is important because it was touched upon as a possible future head of the Olympic Movement.

In the virtual voting session due to the Corona virus, Ko won 77 votes for 8 votes and 6 abstained.

The International Olympic Committee has also ratified the membership of 4 other people: Princess Rima Bandar Al Saud, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the United States, and Colinda Grabar-Kitarovi ،, former President of Croatia (between 2015 and 2020), and the Cuban Maria de la Caridad, Colon Ruins, Olympic champion In the 1980 javelin competition, Batoucheg Batbold, president of the Mongolian Olympic Committee.

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