“Instagram” tempts bloggers “Tik Tok” with huge sums of money – technology – smart scientist


Some media have confirmed that Instagram’s social media network has offered financial rewards to some of the well-known bloggers of the “Tik Tok” app to attract them to its new Instagram Reels service.

According to information obtained by sources of The Wall Street Journal, “Some of the famous users of Tik Tok, who have millions of followers in this application, offered them hundreds of thousands of dollars in amounts to move to the new Instagram Reels service, and attract their followers to this service and its platforms.”

For her part, spokeswoman for “Instagram”, Sarissa Troor, said that her company contacted a number of bloggers already famous, but did not provide any details about the offers or the amounts of money that might have been offered to them, or the networks and sites that these people use, according to “Russia Today”.

“Instagram is ready to invest with well-known bloggers,” she added. “The talk is about bloggers who have millions of followers and who have extensive experience.”

The move from “Instagram”, according to The Wall Street Journal, indicates that Instagram Reels may become a strong competitor to “Tik Tok”.

The newspaper pointed out that those responsible for Tik Tok, and to respond to the competitors, had recently developed a plan aimed at raising $ 200 million, to support users of their online platform.



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