Inhalation drug reduces the risk of corona by 79%


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A British drug company has announced that an inhaled drug can reduce the chances of complications for “Covid 19” patients, which is good news in the race to find a cure for the virus.

The New York Times reported that the drug, which relies on the protein “interferon beta”, which the body produces naturally to regulate the response to viruses, has become the focus of several efforts in Britain, China and the United States; For the treatment of new coronavirus patients.

Scientists have found that the new corona virus partially attacks the body by inhibiting the natural interferon response, by stripping cells of its weapon, which alerts neighboring cells to activate their genes and fortify themselves against the invading virus.

In theory, giving IFN to patients could activate its defenses in the early stages of the disease, but giving it to patients without serious side effects turned out to be a challenge.

Scientists have explained that symptoms of seasonal influenza, for example, are caused largely by filling the interferon response in the body.

The British pharmaceutical company “Synergin” has attempted to circumvent this problem by developing an inhalation drug that directly targets cells in the lungs instead of injecting, which may produce more powerful side effects.

The company conducted a small drug trial on patients infected with the emerging coronavirus in 9 British hospitals, and the initial results, which were announced during a brief press release and were not yet subject to peer review or publication, were promising.

It was found that the inhaled drug consisting of the protein “interferon beta” reduced the chances of complications in hospital patients, such as the need to support the respiratory system, by 79% compared to patients who received a placebo.

But from the point of view of some scientists, the extent of the significance of the results is limited due to the small size of the experiment, which included 101 patients, according to the British company, which makes it difficult to ascertain the usefulness of the drug or how it affects patients differently, but the study did not exclude the effectiveness of the drug.

The British company said that during the two-week treatment period, patients included in the trial were twice more recoverable versus patients who received “placebo”, to the point that their illness no longer restrained them from practicing their lives.

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