Infograph … Real Madrid is the most expensive brand in the world of football



The sports eye
Issued Real Madrid The list of the most expensive club brands in the world, slightly ahead of its eternal rivals Barcelona.

Brands Finance, the global trademark valuation company, has spotted a list of clubs with the most expensive brands in the world.

Real Madrid topped the list with a value of 1.419 billion euros, and Barcelona came behind it by a narrow margin, where it recorded a value of 1.413 billion euros.

The English clubs occupied the lion’s share in the first 5 places in the list, as they were directly behind the Spanish football giants; Real and Barca.

In third place was Manchester United club with a market value of about 1.314 billion euros, then Liverpool with a value of 1.262 billion euros.

Manchester City ranked fifth globally with a value of 1.124 billion euros, while Bayern Munich came sixth with a value of 1.056 billion euros.

The value of club brands is tied to their global reach, impact and value sold through sponsors and advertisers.


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