In pictures: “Embrace curtains” for safe arms in Corona’s time – economist – the last deal


One of the difficulties in the social divergence imposed by the preventive measures in the face of the Corona pandemic has been to prevent individuals from visiting or calming down their elderly relatives.

In this context, an innovation has emerged that enables individuals to hug safely without fear of infection.

The new innovation, called “Hugging Curtains”, is a large plastic curtains with openings for arms that allow individuals to cuddle without direct contact.

This innovation comes as an ideal solution at a time when lack of physical contact is difficult and tragic for many, in the worst cases, the deportation and social safety measures meant that relatives often were unable to be with their loved ones when they died in hospital due to corona.

A retirement home in Belgium told Reuters on Thursday that “embrace curtains” were checked with the elderly, which allowed them to see their visiting relatives, and most importantly, embrace them for the first time in months after the closure prevented family visits.