In a new design, Facebook is testing the cancellation of the Like button


07/27 03:25

Researchers specializing in monitoring internet sites have noticed that the world’s most popular social media platform Facebook is working on a new design test for the pages of some celebrities and companies that can be accessed through the Facebook mobile application.

Through the new idea, Facebook developers want to cancel the “Like” button and the number of likes from the pages of celebrities and companies, according to what the UAE newspaper, Al Bayan, quoted from the German news agency.

The main goal behind eliminating likes and the number of likes from celebrity pages is to focus more on the number of followers of the page and not on patterns of interaction with it.

TechCrunch, a specialized technical website, said the new design aims to make Facebook users more accurate view of page access numbers.

It should be noted that the follow-up counter indicates the number of people whose posts appear on the page appear on their personal pages, while any user can click the Like button without returning to follow this page again.

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