Immunologist: Corona virus has become less dangerous during the last period


Dr. Mahmoud Al-Ansari, the immunology and micro-organism consultant, praised the citizens ’commitment to wearing a muzzle, ensuring social separation, and avoiding overcrowding, adding:“ People remained understanding and committed even to personal protection tools. ”

The immune and microorganism consultant said in a televised intervention on Monday that the commitment of citizens is reflected in the rate of spread of the virus, as the Corona virus does not have the strength to increase its spread, but that is due to the human factor, stressing that there is a noticeable decrease in the strength of the Corona virus during the period Past.

Meanwhile, the new findings have prompted researchers to invite scientists to the World Health Organization to review recommendations that can drastically affect how people spend their days while they are indoors.

If their findings are accurate, people may need to keep wearing masks indoors, even when they’re socially distant, according to the New York Times .

The World Health Organization said that the coronavirus is spread primarily from person to person through small drops of the nose or mouth, which are expelled when they cough, sneeze, or speak..


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