If you have a Mac Pro laptop, Apple will tell you the blush covers the camera


Mac Pro laptop camera coverage has become a common phenomenon that has encouraged private companies to produce special camera covers as cameras can be closed and opened easily.

Digital security experts stress the need for a laptop camera coverage, because all operating systems without exception have holes unknown to the public.

This could allow hackers to access the camera through a gap that makes it control it without the user feeling that the computer’s camera has been compromised.

Due to the phenomenon of turning off the spreading camera, Apple warned users of its MacBook not to use the sold cover to close the camera.

A statement to the company that the free space between the screen and the device is 0.1 and its thickness is close to the thickness of the printed paper, for example, to represent the cover placed on a “MacBook”, “MacBook Air” or “MacBook Pro” camera.

Mac Pro laptop

Warning that thick covers usually damage the screen of the iPad Topmac Pro

At the same time, the company can express its confidence in the technology used in its devices, stressing the need to rely entirely on the green light that illuminates every time the camera is used.

The camera is designed to be impossible to use the camera without turning on a green light.


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