I will not resign … and there is a “wave” that will bring down Lebanon


Prime Minister Hassan Diab pointed out that “the Beatitude of the Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi always gives us his advice and we always listen to him to gain from his experience and wisdom.”In a statement to Diab after meeting the shepherd in Al-Diman, he pointed out that “a discussion was held with the patriarch in financial affairs, economic and life situations.”

He stressed that “the issue of the Hizbullah government has become a broken cylinder. As for the issue of neutrality, it is a political issue par excellence, and the patriarch, the shepherd, is a comprehensive reference for all parties.”

Diab said: “Before taking a position, it is necessary to understand the dimensions of neutrality because the interpretations contrast and its approach with the concepts of the constitution, while not forgetting the Israeli violations because Israel is an enemy who usurps part of the Lebanese territories and violates sovereignty by air, sea and land daily and there are more than 11 thousand violations in one year.”He added, “We need to bring together the Lebanese. There is a need for dialogue in this field so that all Lebanese political parties are on the same page.”

Diab stressed, “There is a wave that will bring down Lebanon, not just my government, and we understand the positions opposing the government, but we do not understand the opposition to the Lebanese interest.”

The Prime Minister considered that “the reasons for the accumulated financial difficulties that Lebanon is going through are the monetary gap that cumulatively afflicted Lebanon,” stressing that “the economic plan has not ended and the completion of reforms will be through a decision through a decision, draft decree or draft law.”

He said: “We focused on aid with a national dimension and started breathing as a government as of May 1, as before that there was” Corona, the reform plan, and the decision not to pay Eurobonds “and we have implemented many reforms that the public may not know and this is a failure of us.”

He added, “The government within 3 months did not reach the status of what it reached, but rather the governments that accumulated 30 years ago.”

He stressed that “he will not resign, because if I resign I know that the alternative will not be easily found and we will do business for a year or more, and this is a crime against Lebanon.”


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