Huawei’s new foldable phone giant Huawei Mate V flips the scales with cutting-edge technology and amazing cameras


Company distinguished Huawei With beauty and fluidity in the design of most of its smart phones, it has become one of the strongest and largest phone manufacturers around the world and is the first competitor for major companies to manufacture mobile phones and electronics such as Apple, Samsung and others, and its popularity increased during the past two years after it achieved the largest percentage of sales around the world during the current year, especially as Her focus on the mid-range phones gives the best value for the best price, and recently is preparing to launch her next ideal foldable phone Mate V that comes with a horizontal screen and a fairy camera competing with all smart phone categories.

Features of the upcoming Huawei Mate V

Some leaked photos have surfaced about the upcoming most luxurious Huawei phones Mate V Which comes with a modern and new design of its kind, and it is the first phone in the series of foldable V phones, and the phone carries a large and beautiful screen that opens from the horizontal side. The phone also includes four rear cameras with laser sensors to install pictures, it is expected to give the best quality pictures and videos and supports 8k imaging technology Known for its high quality.

Huawei's new foldable phone giant Huawei Mate V flips the scales with cutting edge technology and amazing cameras 1

The date of the official announcement of the upcoming Mate V phone

A phone comes Huawei Mate v A first competitor for all foldable smartphones for major companies such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip that comes similar to it in the horizontal screen design and different in terms of the number of cameras. According to the announced expectations that the phone will be officially announced during the beginning of the fall of this year, pointing out that the price of the phone will come very appropriate to promote the company’s upcoming foldable phones.

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