How to share games in the PlayStation 4 platform



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Over the past years it has been difficult to share games for PS4, and the only way was to meet a friend for swap only.

Today it is easy to share games on a platform Play Station 4, provided by the Japanese company Sony.

How to share

Sony has made it easy for you to share the digital game library on the whole PS4 platform with one of your friends, but its implementation requires determining who you want to share this complete library, and to go to where it maintains its PS4 platform through the following steps

– After going to your friend; Open its PlayStation 4 game platform, then log in with your personal PlayStation Network account.

– Click on “Settings”, then select “Account Management”.

– Select the (Activate as Your Primary PS4) option, then confirm this option by clicking on the (Activate) option.

After these actions, your friend will see all your games in his library, and they can download and play them.

Actions to consider when sharing games

At any time if you need to make changes to your account or user settings, for example: If you upgrade to (PlayStation 4 Pro), you will have to repeat the entire process.

The person you shared your account with will also need to deactivate the device as the primary PS4 account for your account in order to properly setup your gaming platform.

And you can deactivate the gaming platform remotely using the PlayStation Account Management tool in the web browser in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, and this process is allowed only once every six months.

Sony also made it possible to share your account with an unlimited number of people, but you can only perform this process, which allows you to play the same game on two PS4 platforms simultaneously with another person.

A serious warning

Sony warned that you can only use this method with one person. Because trying it with more than one friend will tag and block your account, so be very careful.


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