How much will the price of the corona vaccine?


With the global race to develop a vaccine for the emerging coronavirus, SARS Cove 2, which causes Covid-19 رض, a question arises as to what price this vaccine will reach in the market.

Corona vaccine financing plan coordinators are exploring a wide range of possible vaccine prices, according to the report For an exclusive Reuters report The price of $ 40 per dose is the highest number in this range, according to a project participant.

They don’t have a specific target price, and they will also seek to negotiate graded prices for the richer and richer countries, ” said Seth Berkeley, CEO of the GAVI Alliance vaccine, which co-leads the COVAX initiative designed to ensure equitable global access to emerging coronavirus vaccines. Poorer.

Berkeley rejected comments from European Union sources last week that said the Kovacs facility was targeting a price of $ 40 (COVID) for rich countries. European Union sources said the union would seek to secure cheaper deals outside the Kovacs plan.

Berkeley said in an interview that in a Presentation of European Union officials, Kovacs officials gave a different set of prices.

“And this ($ 40) was the maximum price in the range for high-income countries, not the set price,” he told Reuters.

The Kovacs, Jaffe and WHO are jointly led by the CEPI Coalition for Epidemic Readyness Innovations and are designed to ensure rapid and fair access to the Covid-19 vaccines once they are developed.

Kovacs aims to secure supplies and deliver two billion doses to the countries that register in Kovacs by the end of 2021, and Jaffe said earlier this month that more than 75 countries had expressed interest in joining Kovacs.

Berkeley stressed that testing most vaccines is too early, and it is too early to know the final price.

“No one has an idea how much the price will be, because we have no idea what the Corona vaccine is likely to do,” he said.

Berkeley – who negotiates through Jaffe with manufacturers to buy vaccines in large quantities for use in poor countries – that drug makers often use a stepwise pricing approach, with the poorest countries paying one price, middle-income countries paying a higher price, and rich countries paying the highest price.

The Pfizer and Bionic vaccine for Corona enters the final study phase

On a related matter, German biotechnology company Biontech and the American pharmaceutical industry Pfizer said on Monday that they would launch a very important global study to assess their top-ranked vaccine among potential vaccines for Covid-19.

If the study is successful, the two companies will be able to submit the vaccine to obtain approval for inclusion in the regulations in October, which puts them on the right track enabling them to provide up to 100 million doses by the end of 2020, and 1.3 billion doses by the end of 2021. .

Each patient is given two doses of the vaccine to help boost their immune system, so the first 100 million doses will be sufficient to vaccinate about 50 million people.

The study is expected to be conducted in about 120 places worldwide, and may include up to 30,000 participants. It will also include areas severely affected by the disease caused by the emerging corona virus.

“Launching Phase 3/2 is a major step forward in our progress towards providing a possible vaccine to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Catherine Jensen, Head of Vaccine Research and Development at Pfizer.

Pfizer already has an agreement to sell 100 million doses of its vaccine to the United States government, and it also gives it the option to purchase 500 million additional doses, and the company is in talks with other governments – including the European Union – on similar deals.


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