How does the Syrian regime punish its dissident senior officers?


After the fighting calmed down and imposed its control by force of arms on more than two-thirds of the country’s area with Russian and Iranian support, the Syrian regime emptied to punish those who stood in the face of it from the military or even civilians.

The punitive measures of the Syrians pursued by the regime did not stop with the displacement of hundreds of thousands of residents from their cities and towns, but rather exceeded the seizure of the remainder of some of these properties, especially the defected officers.

Sources for “Al-Hurra” in Syria said that the regime had seized dozens of houses belonging to officers who had defected from it, at the beginning of the protests faced by the authorities in a crackdown that killed tens of thousands.

The sources indicated that during the previous days, the authorities of the regime handed over the homes of some of these defected officers to other officers who owe absolute loyalty to Assad and his regime.

Among the sanctions the regime also imposes on its people is the deprivation of government employees who refused to join reserve military service.

Thousands of these have been forced to give up their government jobs, and some have been forced to flee outside Syria or to areas outside the regime’s control to escape back-up service.

Since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, the defections started and extended to military personnel, including senior ranks in the forces of the regime who refused to fire on their own people.

Thanks to the support of two main allies, Russia and Iran, Assad gradually recovered the largest part of the country, and today it controls more than seventy percent of it and includes most of the major cities.

In 2011, a protest movement against the regime in Syria turned into a devastating conflict in which regional and international parties intervened, killing more than 380,000 people and displacing more than half of the population from their homes inside and outside the country.


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