How do we get rid of drowsiness while working?


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Dr. Zahra Pavlova, a researcher at the Faculty of Basic Medicine at the University of Moscow, has declared that excessive coffee or energy drinks are not the best option for awakening the body.

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And the doctor notes, that when a person is at work, and the feeling of drowsiness and the desire to sleep does not leave him constantly, it means that his body does not take enough rest, so he has to go to sleep early. In addition to other reasons to feel sleepy.

And she says, “The conversation is not about stressful situations after a long journey, for example. Rather, it is about drowsiness and the constant desire to sleep. This issue indicates that the person does not sleep enough time, or that he suffers from snoring that causes him to sleep in different positions. Therefore, he comes to work while he is sleepy, Therefore, his activity level will be low. “

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She points out that some people try to get rid of drowsiness in the morning by taking a cold-hot bath, and the majority drink drinks containing caffeine. “These drinks are tea and coffee, and some of them drink bad energy drinks. It is striking that the number of people who drink these harmful drinks increases, and without them they lose their ability to work. As for the cold-hot bath, it causes poor adrenal glands, and eating energy drinks after the bath increases the insult to injury.” “.

And the doctor stresses that the best solution to the problem of drowsiness at work is to improve the sleep system, with some light physical exercise and drinking water. And she says “The best effective and harmless method is physical activity: walking, running for short distances or climbing stairs between the floors of the building, as all these activities do not harm the body, but on the contrary activate it, raise the level of the hormone cortisol in the blood and reduce the level of stress. Too much water helps get rid of drowsiness, because the person is forced from time to time to get up to relieve his need. ”

Source: Novosti


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