How did the famous restaurant of the Eiffel Tower stand up to the virus?


In the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic, the summer of the famous French Eiffel Tower in 2020 is not the same as the summer seasons in other years as French tourists replaced foreign tourists who were booking a three-month-old romantic dinner with a magnificent view of Paris.

The “Jules Verne” restaurant is located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, and it reopened its doors on June 30, a few days after visitors returned to the tower after almost three months of interruption due to the emerging Corona virus.

“When we reopened our doors, there were reservations but we had doubts, are things going to go well? Is it a temporary turnout period because people want to go out again and it will fade away within weeks?” Restaurant Friedrich Anton, the famous chef at the restaurant, told AFP.

Each of the customers who booked during the stone period was contacted three times to ensure that they would get a table with the restaurant reopening, which allowed a quick start.

In July, the occupancy rate of the restaurant, which received its first star from the Michelin guide months ago, was 90% with a number limited to 30% of the restaurant’s capacity to accommodate to ensure that there is a separation distance between customers of the different tables placed in a way that overlooks a wonderful panoramic view of Paris from Height of 125 meters.

“Today’s customers are 80% of the French,” said Jean-Francois Prevotha, assistant general manager of “Umanis”, one of the branches of the “Sodexo” group that serves food in this edifice, but before that, tourists from America alone made up 45% of them. To become first among our customers a year ago so we are achieving great success with the reopening of our doors. ”

Visits to the Eiffel Tower

The food service team usually employs 300 in the tourist season, out of about a thousand working in the Eiffel Tower.

“You ask us, ‘What do we do with the team if we don’t open our doors again? We worked a lot on the flexibility that we have to show’ to adapt to a demand that is difficult to predict,” Prevota said.

“When one of Parisians comes three times in his life to the Eiffel Tower: when he is young and when he has foreign guests they come to France and when he has young children. We try to change this situation.”

In addition to the reputation of the chef who replaced international star Alain Dukas after a media war, the taste menu of five or seven dishes at a price of 190 to 230 euros is an important factor in attracting customers.

“The restaurant is in a great place, we just added to it the splendor of our culinary art,” says Chef Anton.


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