Hours after its release on “Shahid” platform, the movie “Owner of Maqam” was leaked on the Internet


Egyptian reports revealed, today, Thursday, that the movie “Sahib Al Maqam” was leaked on the Internet, hours after it was officially released through the “Shahid VIP” platform.The film became available on the Internet via movie watch and download sites, less than 4 hours after it was released on the “Shahid” platform, according to the Egyptian newspaper, Al Shorouk.

“Maqam Al Maqam” is considered the first first Egyptian film that will not be shown in cinemas and presented on an electronic platform. The producer, Ahmed El-Sobky, signed a contract with the Saudi MBC “Shahid” platform to present his new movie, “The Owner of the Maqam”, in a precedent that he spoke for the first time to an Egyptian movie.

The film will continue to be shown on the Shahid platform for 3 months, according to Masrawy.

Ahmed El-Sobky confirmed that the film will not be screened cinematically and will only be shown on the “Shahid” platform and satellite channels.

Al-Sobky said that he has no problem in cooperating with online platforms, either productively or by granting them the rights to display his films, as long as he receives the appropriate financial compensation.


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